Led Zeppelin documentary to honour band's 50th anniversary 4 years ago

Led Zeppelin documentary to honour band's 50th anniversary

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Featuring new interviews with Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, and John Paul Jones, as well as archival conversations with the late John Bonham.

Legendary rockers Led Zeppelin will be the subject of a new documentary coinciding with the band's 50th anniversary.


Currently untitled, the film has just been picked up for international distribution by Altitude - who also worked on music docs 20 Feet From Stardom, Amy, and Whitney - and will be up for sale at this month's Cannes Film Festival.

The project will be directed by Bernard MacMahon, who previously helmed documentary series American Epic, which focused on the first recordings of roots music in the United States.

The real draw, however, is the promise of brand new interviews with Led Zep men Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and John Paul Jones, in addition to rare archival interview footage of late drummer John Bonham.

As for the structure, Variety notes that the movie will trace the journeys of all four members through the music scene of the 1960s and their initial meeting in the summer of 1968, culminating in 1970 when their second album knocked The Beatles off their perch, as it were.


"When I saw everything Bernard had done both visually and sonically on the remarkable achievement that is American Epic, I knew he would be qualified to tell our story," said Jimmy Page.

Robert Plant also signalled out the director's previous work, saying that he was inspired to contribute to "a very interesting and exciting" story.

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