Liam Gallagher is more than happy for an Oasis reunion at Slane 3 years ago

Liam Gallagher is more than happy for an Oasis reunion at Slane

Liam's feeling Supersonic and is "ready to go".

Despite the fact that Noel Gallagher would have you believe that his little brother Liam is "the angriest man you'll ever meet - "He's like a man with a fork, in a world of soup" - the younger Gallagher sibling has been consistent on his views on the never-ending rumours of an Oasis reunion.


When the documentary Supersonic was released, Liam said that he's "ready, my bags are packed" for the second coming of Oasis and despite his own solo success, nothing has changed Liam's mind with regards to a potential reunion for the rock and roll icons.

A few days ago, bookies slashed odds on the band reuniting and playing Slane Castle. As he regularly does on Twitter, Liam was more than happy to answer a few questions on the prospect of Oasis playing the famous Meath venue again.

Of course, Oasis are no stranger to Slane having played a memorable set there in 1995 - more about that famous gig in support of REM here - and their last performance when The Prodigy were also on the lineup was one of their very last gigs as a band.

Well, the bookies are rarely wrong and it seems like they've taken a calculated gamble with regards to the Oasis at Slane rumours because Liam is definitely up for it.

Given the fact that he has quite a bit of making up to do with his older brother Noel, however, not to mention the success that Noel is having with the High Flying Birds, a reunion is still some way off. But at least we've been treated to a step in the right direction.

As Liam said himself, there's no deal on the table right now but he's "ready to go".

Nice one, our kid.