MTV Unplugged is returning and Liam Gallagher will be the first artist on it 3 years ago

MTV Unplugged is returning and Liam Gallagher will be the first artist on it

This should be very good.

Truth be told, we can't remember the last time when MTV actually seemed like its main concern was championing music but the decision to revive the MTV Unplugged series is a very positive step towards that.

Having first aired in 1989, the intimate surroundings and acoustic sets provided music fans with some incredible songs and performances.

30 years since the format was launched, turns from the likes of Nirvana, George Michael, The Cranberries, Eric Clapton, Lauryn Hill, Alice in Chains, JAY-Z, and Alanis Morissette are still highly regarded and as popular as ever.

In recent years, artists like Florence and the Machine, Shawn Mendes and The Who have also decided to unplug their instruments and face the cameras.

As for Liam Gallagher, he has an interesting history with the format because the former lead singer of Oasis was initially intended to perform on MTV Unplugged back in 1996 during his stint in the band - however, the rock ‘n’ roll star had to pull out due to medical reasons.

As any Oasis fan who saw the MTV Unplugged show, or Noel's famous solo set at The Point can attest to, he's extremely good on his own, too.

Clip via Liam Pritchard

More than 20 years on, Liam now has the stage that alluded him and he'll be performing a special set which includes tunes from his solo career and Oasis' iconic tracks..

“I’m honoured to be performing at the legendary showcase that is MTV Unplugged. I’ll be playing songs from my number-one debut solo album, I’ll be playing some stone cold classics from the mighty Oasis and I’ll be showcasing some of my new songs from my upcoming second solo album Why Me? Why Not," said Gallagher.

The special one-off set will be held on Saturday 3 August at Hull City Hall and it's set to air on Friday, 27 September across MTV international channels.

As for Liam's touring schedule, our kid has two nights at the 3 Arena on his schedule and his eagerly-anticipated second album Why Me? Why Not. is released on 20 September.

Now that MTV Unplugged is returning, what other artists would you like to see on the stage?