The world woke up to a surprise Eminem album on Friday morning 1 year ago

The world woke up to a surprise Eminem album on Friday morning

What a nice surprise to wake up to on a Friday morning.

Eminem is kind of like The Simpsons of the rap world.

Once he was an absolute titan, putting out classic song after classic song.

He was on top of the music world, and was undeniably one of the biggest artists in the entire industry. Sort of like how The Simpsons was in the 90s. Classic episode after classic episode etc.

But nowadays, despite still being decent, neither are the same as they used to be.

Not even close...

Eminem's past couple of projects have been fairly underwhelming, with one or two amazing songs thrown into the mix.

Still, this doesn't stop us from being excited everytime a new Eminem album comes out. We know exactly what he's capable of...

Which is why we were very happy to wake up to Kamikaze - the latest project by Marshall Mathers.

Eminem dropped this bombshell on the music world on Twitter, by simply posting a link to the album, with the caption: "Tried not 2 overthink this 1... Enjoy"

The album closes with the song 'Venom', the title song from Tom Hardy's new superhero movie, which looks badass.

Hopefully, the song is as good.

Eminem takes shots at basically everyone in the world in this album too. From the new age of mumble rappers, to the Grammy awards, to the Vice-President of America Mike Pence.

Nobody is safe.

Have a listen here.