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21st Dec 2015

Radio DJ locked himself into a studio and played a classic Christmas song 24 times in a row

Joe Harrington

Tell your favourite radio station to do this.

A radio presenter in Austria went to extreme lengths to bring a bit of Christmas cheer to his listeners.

Joe Kohlhofer, who is the breakfast show co-host on the Antennae Carinthia station, barricaded himself into the studio blocking the door with a wooden chair.

Once he was secure, he went on to play Wham’s Last Christmas 24 times in a row. Twenty four times. The loop last almost two hours.

Kohlhofer took calls from listeners begging him to stop playing the song and the DJ only gave up when his own four-year-old daughter called the studio saying she didn’t like the song.

The station confirmed it wasn’t a planned stunt and that Kohlhofer would face “consequences.”

Clip via YouTube/WhamVEVO

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