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11th Jul 2017

A radio station in England keeps getting hijacked on air by this song about masturbation



Not exactly a radio-friendly song.

There is a radio pirate in the airwaves in England who keeps deliberately disrupting a radio station in Mansfield and playing an offensive song about masturbation.

The Winker’s Song by Ivor Biggun was released back in the 1970s and according to the Guardian has been “illegally forced onto to the output of Mansfield 103.2 at least eight times in the last month.”

The lyrics of the song are not something which should be featured on the radio during the daytime and the song uses the word, wanker, 36 times in three minutes.

It also goes on to explain how the singer’s mother didn’t let him play with the girls because “their giggling talk, [he] could never understand,” and that’s why he “fell in love with [his] right hand.”

Clip via visualvinyldiscs

The song contains every possible reference to masturbation that you could imagine, “Mrs Palm and her five lovely daughters,” a “swift one off the wrist” and “pulling me pud” to name just a few.

Biggun’s song comes from his album called, The Fruity Bits of Ivor Biggun, which contains other classics such as Winkering my Blues Away and Hide The Sausage (Rap Version).

It is believed that the radio pirate is using a small transmitter to broadcast the adult-themed song on the frequency which is disrupting the station’s normal scheduled programming.

Although Mansfield 103.2 have absolutely no control over the song being played, there is still a chance they could be suspended under the Digital Economy Act if the content is deemed harmful or offensive.

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