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WATCH: The Rubberbandits' powerful new song about suicide is a must-listen
Powerful and very moving.

“What he has is a problem, not a fucking disease.”

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll have noticed that the Rubberbandits have become one of the most important voices on social issues in Ireland, particularly regarding mental health, in recent years.

Blindboy Boatclub, for example, has spoken about it on the Late Late Show, at a JOE Live event and on other forums in recent times, providing a frank and refreshing viewpoint on an issue that has affected families throughout the country.

In their latest song, 'Sonny', the Rubberbandits address the issue of suicide and how it can affect anyone, not just those affected by a wide range of societal problems, with the lyrics and the images of the various talking heads in the video making for very powerful viewing and listening.

It’s well worth three and a half minutes or your time to give this a watch.


Clip via Rubberbandits

If you are struggling with your mental health, or if you're worried about a loved one, these are a number of resources you can use.

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