Slane Castle set to host a "double summer concert" next year 2 years ago

Slane Castle set to host a "double summer concert" next year

After more than a year without concerts due to Covid-19, things seem to be looking up for music lovers.

While crowds won't be piling into Slane Castle for a gig this year, plans to host two concerts next year at the iconic venue are being explored.


The castle's owner Lord Henry Mountcharles (pictured) has said in a statement: “This year is dead for a live show, I was holding out hope that something could happen, but it looks nigh on impossible.

“We are looking at a show - and very possibly two – next year. I see it returning in the summer of 2022 and I want to come back with a big show.”

The owner said he is eager to see a return to live music at his 80,000-capacity venue by the River Boyne after Covid-19 put an end to live music events.

The last double gig at Slane Castle in the same year saw Bon Jovi and Eminem headline two months apart in 2013.


Meanwhile, U2 brought their Elevation tour to the grounds twice in 2001, while US rockers Metallica were the last to play the venue in 2019.

Lord Mountcharles added: “We will come back next year with a big one and I am certainly looking at the possibility of two separate acts.

“I’m always very selective and careful about Slane - not everyone gets to play here. There are world-class acts out there and a wealth of Irish talent too, which I am keeping my eye on.”

Meanwhile, the owner is also considering a live-streamed, behind-closed-doors concert from the castle to mark the 40th anniversary of its first gig later this year.