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31st May 2018

One of Longitude’s main attractions is taking time off due to voice damage

Rudi Kinsella

Sza longitude

This wouldn’t be the first time she’s pulled out of a Dublin gig.

American R&B superstar Sza has announced that she will be taking some time off due to permanent voice damage.

In now deleted tweets, she said that: “I just wanna be left alone with my priorities. They been fucked up. I need space. Goodbye.”

She also tweeted saying: “My voice is permanently injured. Great!” and “Tonight was the test. That settles that.”

These somewhat cryptic tweets do not look good for those who are excited to see her at Longitude, given that the Dublin based festival is just over a month away.

It’s unclear at this time whether or not this break she takes from singing will affect her gig at Longitude but JOE has contacted organisers of the festival and is seeking confirmation that she will indeed be taking the stage come July.

She did post a more coherent and clear message to Instagram, where she made bluntly stated: “I’m not sick, my voice just won’t fucking work.”

The Marlay Park festival will take place 13-15 July, with Sza due to perform on the Sunday. At least that’s two more days for her to get better…

The last time Sza was supposed to perform in Ireland was as the warm-up act to Bryson Tiller, but she cancelled the day beforehand.

This would be the second major cancellation of the festival, as rap sensation Cardi B has already pulled out due to her pregnancy.

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