Two gigs at a later date or four more at Aviva; all the latest Garth Brooks gossip 9 years ago

Two gigs at a later date or four more at Aviva; all the latest Garth Brooks gossip

Will it be none, three, five or now seven gigs; there's no shortage of Garth Brooks stuff in the papers today

The storm over the proposed Garth Brooks gigs in Dublin later in the month shows no sign of abating. In fact, looking at today's papers, the story seems to be actually gathering pace.


Yesterday saw Croke Park residents who want the five gigs to take place protesting at the Leinster Hurling final and today sees lots of possible new solutions in the press.

The Irish Independent has the most plausible new solution, as they say that promoters Aiken, mediator Ciaran Mulvey and Brooks are mulling over playing the final two gigs on July 30 and 31, giving the residents a two-day break from the original three.

The Irish Sun has a different take, saying that the final two gigs will be played, but not until 2015.

However, spokesperson for the residents, Eamon O'Brien, has said in the Indo that there was still a 'possibility' that they would lodge an injunction to cancel the remaining three 2014 concerts, meaning no gigs at all.


In brighter news for country fans, today's Star say that there could be four extra gigs this year, held at Aviva Stadium instead. They quote an insider who says that option is being 'seriously looked at'.

Star front July 7

Make of all those tales what you will but it is being reported in the Times that we will have a final decision tomorrow. We doubt that will be the end of the stories though.