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07th Nov 2023

U2 announce “a little break” from Las Vegas Sphere residency

Simon Kelly

U2 Las Vegas

“We’re giving Las Vegas back…”

U2 have announced they’re suspending their Las Vegas residency at The Sphere to make way for an upcoming city-wide event.

The Irish rock legends announced at their last show on November 4 that they will be “giving Las Vegas back” to Formula One, which takes place on November 16 – 19.

During their concert at the new, state-of-the-art venue, Bono said: “As I mentioned, we’re going on a little break after tonight. We’re giving Las Vegas back to Formula One actually.

“Now, if you don’t know what Formula One is, it’s a sport where very tidy, lean, mean men and some extraordinary women climb onto rockets and try to stay on Earth and not achieve orbit or something like that.

“A little like rock and roll, less dangerous!”

U2, who kicked off their residency at the near $2 billion Sphere at the Venetian in September, will once again pick up their residency dates in early December.

U2 announce Las Vegas residency hiatus to make way for Formula 1

Over the past few weeks, Las Vegas has been preparing for the Formula 1 circuit, with large portions of the Strip cordoned off by barriers and stands.

The race itself will take place over 50 laps of the 6.2-kilometre Las Vegas Strip.

At their final gig before their break, Bono introduced all the members of the band as F1 drivers, likening touring drummer Bram van den Berg to fellow countryman Max Verstappen by calling him “one of the four great things out of Holland”.

“On the bass, the most elegant man on the circuit,” Bono said pointing to Adam Clayton. “Who is it, who is it? Lewis Hamilton on the bass!”

“On guitar, the Monaco model himself, Charles Leclerc,” he said, referring to The Edge.

“I’m at home with country music and metal and I am the right person to bring peace between Formula One and NASCAR – on vocals, Daniel Ricciardo!”

U2’s original Las Vegas residency was due to come to an end on December 16, however their run of concerts are now extending by 11 more shows, taking them into February 2024.

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