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14th May 2019

WATCH: Versatile return with a banger that will be played everywhere this summer

Rudi Kinsella

Versatile Snoop Dogg

The boys are back with a summer banger that you’ll be hearing all around the country.

Offensive, catchy, and exquisitely produced. This is a Versatile song, alright.

Once again, the Dublin rap duo have lived up to their name by releasing ‘Prefontaine’, a dance/rap tune that you’ll be hearing quite a lot over the next couple of months, and that sounds entirely different to some of their previous work.

The video follows the lads as they try to get a KFC for lunch in a pink limo, while the two are looking fresh as ever. The limo’s registration plate spelling out “shite bag” is a nice touch too.

As always, they’re dressed head-to-toe in colourful designer clothes, but this time they’re accompanied by dancers in pink tracksuits.

But as you might imagine, this may not be one that you’ll want to be blaring in the office. Viewer discretion is advised…


The title of the song is a refrence Steve Roland Prefontaine, an American middle and long-distance runner who competed in the 1972 Olympics. Deep cut, right?

Whatever your thoughts on the content of the song are, it’s rare to see an Irish rap group making such significant noise in the music scene.

This one will be an absolute hit at the Dublin rap duo’s next couple of gigs, which include Longitude this summer, and a headline gig in Cork in June.

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