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11th Aug 2019

Over 32 people dead following typhoon in China

Rudi Kinsella

typhoon china

At least 32 have been killed by the typhoon, while over 20 people remain missing.

Officials in China have said that about five million people in the Zhejiang province in China have been affected by a typhoon, that has killed over 30 people.

Reports claim that over one million people have been evacuated to safe spaces.

Most of the deaths were in the city of Wenzhou where torrential downpours caused a landslide, according to reports in Chinese media.

The landslide occurred after a barrier lake formed, pooling water from the heavy rains before collapsing.

Emergency crews tried to save stranded motorists from floods and searched for survivors in the rubble of damaged buildings.

It is expected to move up towards Shanghai on Sunday.

According to the BBC, it is the ninth typhoon of the year, but the strongest storm seen in years.

A number of videos of the typhoon have been shared online, highlighting just how severe it is:

More than 3,200 flights have been cancelled due to the typhoon, the state broadcaster has reported.

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