Adolf Hitler's toilet is for sale in New Jersey 8 years ago

Adolf Hitler's toilet is for sale in New Jersey

You'll have to be flush with cash if you want to get your hands on this piece we imagine

A garage in New Jersey has somehow ended up in possession of one of Adolf Hitler's toilets, which had previously been installed on his luxury yacht the Aviso Girlle, which was also the state yacht of Germany when Hitler was the leader of the country.


Greg Kohfeldt, who runs the auto repair shop in Burlington County where the antique ended up, told The Daily Mail that he had been invited on TV to sell the piece, which has gotten him and his piece of porcelain some media attention.

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No word on how much the toilet would cost, but Greg believes that the right offer could get him to part with the loo-t, which was found in a scrapyard in 1951 by the previous owner of the garage, who installed it in the repair shop.

Greg and his other employees have been using it for a few years, so it might require a bit of a clean up.