AIB warn of complicated bank card fraud involving taxis 1 year ago

AIB warn of complicated bank card fraud involving taxis

"We will never send a taxi to collect your bank card."

Fraudsters are going to extreme lengths in order to take money from potential victims, and the public has just been alerted of a new scheme to keep an eye out for.


In an email sent out to AIB customers this week, the bank warned the following fraud was currently in operation:

"We've heard about cases where a fraudster, pretending to be from AIB, calls or texts you to tell you your card details are already in the wrong hands of criminals and we (AIB) have arranged for a taxi to collect your card from you."

"Here's the scam: A genuine taxi arrives, collects the card, and innocently delivers it into the hands of a real criminal. They now have access to the money in your account."

AIB warn that while they may call customers if they suspect there is suspicious activity with a bank card, they will never ask for a bank card back. The bank will also never send a taxi to collect a bank card.


And most importantly, the bank will never ask customers to click on a link.

Customers are advised that if they ever get a call about suspicious activity on their card and they feel there is anything strange at all about the call, simply hang up. If there are concerns, customers can freeze or cancel their cards at any time online.