Bank of Ireland issues warning to customers over phone scam 1 year ago

Bank of Ireland issues warning to customers over phone scam

Be careful who you answer the phone to.

Phone scams have been on the rise in recent months and it's safe to say many of us are wary about answering messages and phone calls from unknown numbers as a result.

The latest scam, it seems, involves someone pretending to be a Bank Of Ireland employee.

Bank Of Ireland announced on its Twitter page that many customers have called in, saying that they were called by someone claiming to be from the bank.


The Twitter post read: "A number of customers have told us that a fraudster has phoned them in the past few days pretending to be from Bank of Ireland.

"Please be careful, we will never phone and ask you to give us passwords or confidential information."

The bank then asked customers to visit a page where various steps can be taken in case they are caught out by one of these fraudsters.


"To report online fraud, suspicious activity, unauthorised transactions on your account or ATM fraud please contact us using the Freephone numbers listed below as soon as possible," the page reads.

"The number to call in the Republic of Ireland is 1800 946 764, and if you are in Northern Ireland, you can call 0800 121 7790.

If you cannot get through, you can also email your issue to