President Biden set to turn down King Charles III coronation invite 6 months ago

President Biden set to turn down King Charles III coronation invite

The US President will reportedly opt out of attending the Westminster event.

American President Joe Biden is expected to reject an invite to the coronation of King Charles III next month in London, in what will be the first royal coronation in almost seven decades.


According to reports, Biden may instead send his wife and First Lady, Jill, to deputise on his behalf.

Officials on both sides have insisted that there is no threat to the shared relationship between the two nations, with the US President and Charles still maintaining a cordial relationship.

Joe Biden King Charles coronation First Lady Jill Biden is set to attend the coronation in place of the President. (Credit: Getty Images)

In what will be the official crowning of Charles as king, heads of state from across the globe will descend upon the English capital to attend the event on May 6th.

Mr. Biden, who is now 80 years of age, is set to face a frantic schedule over the coming month, with the increased workload a possible consideration in turning down the invite from Buckingham Palace.

As part of that packed schedule, the US President is set to visit Ireland for the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement later this month, with a five-day visit between the 11th and 15th of April likely to include visits on both sides of the border.

It is also possible that both Biden and Charles cross paths prior to the coronation, with the British monarch also set to visit Ireland to commemorate the historic peace agreement.


Joe Biden King Charles coronation Barack Obama gave a public address at College Green on his 2011 visit to Ireland. (Credit: Rolling News)

On President Biden's travels to the Republic, it is expected that he will joined by multiple family members as he spends all but one of his five-day visit south of the border.

Whilst in Dublin, Biden is set to give a public address, and although the exact location is still unknown, it is thought that Trinity College, College Green and Collins Barracks are three possible venues under consideration.


Visits to both Louth and Mayo are also on the cards for the US President, where he has strong familial links.

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