Broadcasting Authority of Ireland reveals the complaints it has reviewed this year 5 years ago

Broadcasting Authority of Ireland reveals the complaints it has reviewed this year

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland yesterday published a list of its decisions on complaints made over the last several years.

The authority met on 12th July and 13th September 2017 to review a wide range of complaints, though in the end it upheld just one — a complaint made by the Health Service Executive against comments made by the presenter of WLR FM's Déise Today.


The presenter had said of the HSE management: “Did you ever see those alien films where they kinda have to breed loads to keep themselves going – that’s what it reminds me of?" and “Let’s see, are they on the phone there...let’s see what HSE management has to say about this...” The presenter then played the sound of a donkey braying.

Far more complaints were rejected by the BAI, including several for Claire Byrne Live, This Is Ireland with Des Bishop and the trailer for Queen of Ireland — a documentary about drag queen and activist Panti Bliss. All were rejected unanimously.

A complaint against RTÉ for having guest Glen Hansard on the Late Late Show to discuss the Home Sweet Home project and Apollo House situation last winter was also rejected. The complaint stated "that this occupation was illegal and he feels strongly that, as a national broadcaster, RTÉ should not be seen to collude in the commission of an offence or give a platform to anyone involved in the commission of any offence or illegality."

Another rejected complaint targeted an episode of Ireland AM where an app for finding the nearest mass or place to get communion was discussed. The complainant argued that the the discussion of the Sindr app was "mocking, sneering and totally disrespectful of the Catholic faith and to those viewers who are of this religion."


One complaint was made against the RTÉ 2 FM program Game On, where a presenter used the phrase "straight in, no kissing" when discussing the line-up for Ireland vs Wales. The complainant said they were "shocked to hear such a sexualized, vulgar comment used as a throwaway remark in this context." This too was rejected.

Other topics that drew the ire of complainants included reports on the HPV vaccine, a report on Ibrahim Halawa, reports on domestic violence in Ireland and Northern Ireland, and animal cruelty.

The full list of judgments can be read here.