"Busy weekend" - 50,000 passengers to depart from Dublin Airport today 1 month ago

"Busy weekend" - 50,000 passengers to depart from Dublin Airport today

The airport says it's currently taking below 45 minutes to clear security but that times "may edge slightly higher" over the weekend.

Dublin Airport has said it is in for a "busy weekend" with 50,000 passengers set to depart from it on Saturday (28 May).


On top of its regular travellers, the airport says it is seeing lots of Leinster and Liverpool fans jetting off to France to watch their teams in European action.

A number of passengers on Saturday morning took to Twitter to share images of long queues at Dublin airport, with some stretching outside the building.

Some passengers also reported spending an hour in queues.


In a statement to JOE, Media Relations Manager for the DAA (Dublin Airport Authority) Graeme McQueen said:


“It’s another busy Saturday morning at Dublin Airport at the start of what is going to be another busy weekend.

"However, security processing has moved well all morning, enabled by DAA’s teams on the floor in both terminals.

"Currently, the time it is taking to clear security in both terminals is below 45 minutes.

"While times may edge slightly higher than this at busy points over the weekend, a controlled queuing system is in place to get passengers through to their flights."


McQueen also said that passengers at the airport were "in good form" overall on Saturday morning.

"Overall, passengers were in good form, with those who heeded our advice – to get to the airport up to 2.5 hours ahead of a short-haul flight and 3.5 hours before a long-haul flight – getting through security smoothly and in plenty of time prior to their flight.”

Main image via Sam Boal/Rollingnews.ie