Charlie Bird cried "tears of joy" over public's response to his Late Late interview 1 year ago

Charlie Bird cried "tears of joy" over public's response to his Late Late interview

"I love you all," Bird wrote after his appearance on the show.

Charlie Bird has said he cried "tears of joy" on Saturday morning following the "overwhelming support" he received from the public following his Late Late Show interview.


On Friday, the retired RTÉ reporter appeared on the show, alongside his wife Claire, and spoke candidly about his diagnosis with Motor Neurone Disease.

"Every day is the same for me. I make no bones about this. I cry every day because of what happened to me," he told Ryan Tubridy.

"I'm fearful. I know we're all going to die. I've been told it's probably - they say one to three years.

"I've lost so much weight in the last few weeks. I probably won't have my voice in three or four months time."


He also stated that every time he sits down for a meal, it is a struggle.

"I don't know when this whole thing is going to cave in on me but I'll be honest, if I were a betting person, I don't think I'll see another Christmas," Bird said.

"I genuinely don't. I hope I'm proved wrong but I don't. That's my feeling."


The former reporter also said during the interview he is thankful he is still able to be physically active and that he goes on walks every day to prove he can still do so.

"I jokingly have told my mates I have one wish and it's to climb Croagh Patrick," he said.

"I really want to climb Croagh Patrick in a way to prove to myself that I can still do it."


Bird stated that his family, his friends and the support of the Irish public have kept him going following the diagnosis.

"I've great friends. I've got a great family. I've a beautiful wife. I've five grandkids, two beautiful daughters and all my friends and everybody in this country who has contacted me has kept me going," he told Tubridy.

"I get uplifted by the feelings and the letters and texts and emails."

He also said it would be his "final wish" that Ireland makes sure it cares for everybody who is ill.

Following the interview, many viewers took to social media to praise Bird for his bravery and honesty.


On Saturday morning, Bird responded to the outpouring of support.

"Yes I cried this morning but they were tears of joy at the overwhelming support I received for my Late Late Show appearance," he said.

"If I am still mobile in the Spring I will climb Croagh Patrick to highlight MND and other terminal illnesses.

"You're all invited to join me. I love you all."