Claire Byrne explains why she didn't want the Late Late Show job 2 months ago

Claire Byrne explains why she didn't want the Late Late Show job

She said some social media comments "crossed the line".

Claire Byrne has opened up about why she turned town the Late Late Show hosting gig earlier this year following Ryan Tubridy's decision to step down.


The RTÉ presenter was one of the most prominent names mentioned in the public conversation over who would replaced Tubridy, but publicly withdrew from the race before Patrick Kielty was named as successor.

One major factor in her decision was the impact of social media and how it can overflow into your personal life as a public figure.

Although the presenter says she doesn't use social media much, she admits to having a look online at what people were saying about her being a frontrunner for the job.

Social media a big influence on Late Late Show decision


“In that whole period when my name was in the frame for The Late Late Show, I did see some of the social media comments which I thought crossed the line in many cases," Byrne told The Irish Times.

"I don’t often look at social media about myself and I’d never go searching for what people would say about a programme, but I did then because I was trying to weigh up what it might mean if I kept my name in The Late Late Show loop.

"And I really did stop and think about whether I wanted to introduce the level of scrutiny that that show brings into my life, and for me the decision was that I didn’t. Because I get enough of it, without taking it to a whole other level."

Another big reason why Byrne turned down the role was her three children, which she cited as the main reason back in May when she removed herself from the running.


"They wanted me home on Fridays, because Friday is sort of a family night. I said, ‘What about the Toy Show?’ and they said to me, but we want to watch the Toy Show with you."

Claire Byrne

Claire Byrne revealed her RTÉ salary amid controversy

Last month the presenter revealed her salary live on air during her radio show amid the RTÉ payment scandal started by revelations of undeclared figures in her colleague Ryan Tubridy's salary.


Byrne, who is also represented by agent Noel Kelly, stated that her most recently published annual salary of €350,000 is "correct", along with "those published in the past".

She explained that she took a €70,000 pay cut when she stepped down from hosting the TV show Claire Byrne Live on RTÉ 1 last year, but confirmed that she is still earning €280,000.

"I acknowledge that fee is significant and way beyond what many people could hope to earn," she said on her show.

"There are others who will, no doubt, have more to say about it I am sure, but my personal decision here this morning is to be open and honest with you."

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