Cocaine is now the most regularly consumed drug in Ireland, according to a new report 2 years ago

Cocaine is now the most regularly consumed drug in Ireland, according to a new report

Ireland ranks fourth highest in the European Union for use of cocaine among young adults.

A new report has found that crack cocaine is the most commonly used drug in Ireland.


The report was conducted by Coolmine, an organisation that aims to support people suffering with drug addiction in Dublin.

According to RTÉ, cocaine overtook heroin as the most commonly abused drug, with 33% admissions to Coolmine being due to crack cocaine addictions.

Heroin was the second most consumed drug, coming in at 31%.

A few months ago it was reported that Ireland is one of the most expensive countries in the world to buy cocaine.

According to the Global Drug Survey 2018, the average price of a gram of the class A substance in Ireland is €80.40 making it the twelfth most expensive internationally.

More recently, the HSE posted a list of tips for anyone who planned to take crack or cocaine, and urged them to do as safely as possible:

"If you decide to use cocaine, remember:

  1. When buying, know your source and avoid using alone
  2. Use one drug at a time and never mix with alcohol
  3. Start with a small test dose and leave at least 2 hours between use
  4. Grind cocaine to remove clumps, use your own sterile straw and never share
  5. Carry a condom – cocaine can increase your sex drive

"If you decide to use crack, remember:

  1.  Avoid using homemade crack pipes and don’t share your pipe.
  2. Avoid smoking the full rock.
  3. If injecting, start low and go slow to avoid overdose.
  4. If you feel low after using, seek professional help.
  5. If you or a friend feels suicidal immediately go to a hospital or call 112."

The Gardaí released a statement following this news, which read: "Many areas of Dublin have a problem regarding the Sale, Possession and Use of Controlled Drugs. Crack Cocaine does feature prominently in detections as does Diamporphine, Cannabis and prescription type Drugs.

"Gardaí have a number of ongoing Operations to combat and disrupt the Sale and Supply of controlled drugs. These operations cannot be published for operational reasons but we are committed to reducing the levels which can also be construed as a health issue.


"Targeting the sale and supply of illegal drugs is a priority for An Garda Síochána. Nationwide each region has dedicated Garda personnel committed to policing drug misuse. An Garda Síochána meet local representatives and work closely with DCC and social services to meet regularly and address these issues."