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10th Dec 2023

Cork airport gives perfect response to being called British in quiz game

Simon Kelly

Cork airport

Airport social media teams aren’t holding back lately.

An Irish airport has hit back with a perfect response to being called British in a quiz game.

One eagle-eyed Rebel County native was browsing a shopping site for Christmas gifts when they spotted a glaring mistake from the card game called ‘Would You Know That’.

The game, which says its ‘The Ultimate Quirky Quiz Card Game for All the Family’, included a question which reads “ORK is the shortcode for which British airport?”

As most of us will know, ORK is actually the shortcode for Cork airport, which, last time we checked, is firmly planted in the Republic of Ireland.

Cork airport gives perfect response to being called British in quiz game

Unfortunately for the card game in question, Irish people aren’t too fond of mistaken claims of Britishness, so it wasn’t long before people started to notice.

Cork Airport’s X page brought the error to the masses with a perfect response – a simple still image meme from the movie Michael Collins of actor Stephen Rea playing Ned Broy, Collins’ inside man working for the RIC.

The image has become a meme synonymous with this exact scenario – the British being well and truly at it again.

Maybe the card game mistakenly thought ORK was the shortcode for Kirkwall airport in Orkney (which is actually KOI, for any future quiz questions), but we’re sure Cork Airport won’t be letting them away with that one.

Header image from Cork Airport on X.

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