Domino's in the UK stockpiling toppings in case of a no-deal Brexit 9 months ago

Domino's in the UK stockpiling toppings in case of a no-deal Brexit

Please not the pizza. Anything but the pizza.

A no-deal Brexit is looking increasingly likely as the days pass, especially with Boris Johnson now Prime Minister of the UK.

On Tuesday night, Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe said that he believes that "a no-deal Brexit and the United Kingdom leaving the European Union without a deal is a very credible and material risk now."

Which helps to explain why a lot of companies are undertaking a number of measures to protect themselves in case a no-deal Brexit does actually take place.

Domino’s Pizza Group has spent £7 million (€7.6 million) stockpiling ingredients including tomato sauce in case a no-deal Brexit disrupts supplies, according to reports.

The company have said that the probability of shortages of ingredients since its update in March had increased.

According to The Guardian, Domino’s buys flour and cheese in the UK but the tomato sauce for its pizza bases comes from Portugal, so they have had to stockpile the ingredients.

For the same reason, they have also bought frozen chicken and pizza toppings such as tuna and pineapple. Even though we all know that pineapple does NOT go on pizza.

“A potential no-deal Brexit carries the increased risk of disruption to raw material supplies into the UK and foreign exchange volatility which could increase food costs,” Domino’s said in a statement on Tuesday.

Domino's aren't the only food brand to say that a no-deal Brexit will have a serious effect on business, either.

Bird's Eye - the good folk behind delicious fish fingers and potato waffles - have said that a no-deal Brexit would result in an increase in their prices "virtually instantaneously."