Electric Picnic weekend weather will be hot and wet 1 year ago

Electric Picnic weekend weather will be hot and wet

Wellies and sunscreen, a combination made in hell.

If you're part of the approximately 1.4% of the country's population that will be attending Electric Picnic this weekend - instead of part of the 98.6% who will be experiencing aggressive FOMO instead - then you're probably wondering what kind of clothing to get ready for the weekend-long party.


Shorts and short-sleeved shirts? Full body ponchos to protect from rainstorms?

In typical Irish fashion, both.

Met Éireann has revealed the weather of the weekend to be a pretty mixed bag, with lots of rain but the temperatures still being pretty high.

Friday in particular will bring the start of the heavy rain, kicking off in the west of the country before making its way across all of Ireland.


Despite that, the temperatures are set to remain between 17 and 22 degrees for the day. So getting rained on AND sweating buckets, fantastic.

Saturday (which also happens to be National Cinema Day, so maybe you'll be indoors for a lot of it) and Sunday looks to be slightly less warm, but with more consistent spells of rain.

Temperatures will max out in the mid-to-high teens, but the heavier rain will stay around for pretty much the entire weekend, potentially leading to spot flooding in places.

So there you have it.


Best to bring a selection of outfits to chose from, just in case. You can do a full fashion show inside your tent, right?