Five teenage girls die in escape room fire in Poland 3 years ago

Five teenage girls die in escape room fire in Poland

They were there to celebrate their friend's 15th birthday.

It is reported that five teenage girls have died in an escape room fire in Poland, with another man in his mid-20's taken to hospital with severe burns.


Local news outlet TVN 24 have stated that "The causes of the fire are not yet known. Police - under the supervision of the prosecutor's office - will determine what caused the fire and why the persons in the escape room could not get out of it."

Additionally, Poland's Interior Minister Joachim Brudzinski directed the state fire service to carry out fire security controls in every escape room across the country, of which there are more than 1,000.

Junior captain Tomasz Kubiak, spokesman for the fire brigade in Szczecin, told TVN 24:

"The specificity of this type of rooms is characterized by closed, killed windows and the inability to get inside. Firefighters had to use specialized equipment and physical strength just to get inside."