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03rd Aug 2021

Ever wanted to hear Maniac 2000 sung by Christy Moore?

Clara Kelly

Now this is a bizarre remix that we can get behind.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what ‘Maniac 2000’ by Mark McCabe would look like, then look no further as comedian Cormac Moore has taken Twitter by storm with arguably the most Irish remix of all time.

Moore’s video blew up over the bank holiday after he was inspired by a remix challenge on TikTok.

Moore told JOE that after seeing a video on TikTok of a creator covering a Taylor Swift song in the style of Fleetwood Mac it inspired him to blend two of his favourite artists – Christy Moore and Rihanna.

The video sees Moore cover Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ in the style of Irish music legend Christy Moore, which led a fan to comment on the clip with a suggestion to cover ‘Maniac 2000’ in the same style.

Moore said that the reaction to the videos has been “mad” after the ‘Maniac 2000’ cover “exploded” at around 11pm on Monday night.

“It’s been mad, the Rihanna one blew up over the weekend, and I thought ‘ah this probably won’t do as well’,” he continued.

“It’s been great, been getting a huge response so I’m delighted.”

Moore said that the video which has over 80k views on Twitter has performed better on Instagram and Twitter, however, the Rihanna cover got more views on TikTok.

Although, the comedian said that it’s a “thin line to walk” in terms of any future Christy Moore covers as he doesn’t want things to get “boring or repetitive”.

“People were saying to do a full album, I was half thinking of doing his Live At The Point album, trying to get 10 songs together and doing a live album of it, but would it get boring and stale really really quickly? I don’t know. There might be one or two more decent ones but we’ll have to see.”

When asked if he thought Christy would approve of the cover, Moore said that he has “absolutely no idea” but is hopeful that he would enjoy it.

“I’d hope that he would,” he said.

“It seems like Christy is a bit of craic anyway.”

Now that’s something we can all agree on.

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