Flocking hell! 160 sheep stolen near village of Wool in the UK 6 years ago

Flocking hell! 160 sheep stolen near village of Wool in the UK

Ewe might have herd a few crazy stories already today, but believe us, you ain’t seen mutton yet.

We’re not sure if there is anything that could be described as the perfect crime, but reports of a spot of sheep rustling in a field near a village called Wool in the UK must be about as close as you can get.

According to The Independent, 160 sheep were fleeced from a field near the village sometime between Saturday morning and Monday afternoon by rustlers who are believed to have used a large lorry to move the animals, all of which were marked and electronically tagged.

Commenting on the crime and the suspected baaaa-d boys in question, Police Constable Adam Taylor, of Wareham police, said: “The thieves would have needed a good understanding of livestock and used a large vehicle, possibly a six or eight wheeler type lorry, to move the sheep.

“I am appealing to witnesses and anyone who may have seen any unusual activity in the area around this time.

“All the sheep had colour markings and were electronically tagged. If anyone has been offered sheep in unusual circumstances or for very low prices please contact the police on 101.”

Although no arrests have been made, there have been unsubstantiated reports that the police are on the lookout for two sheepish-looking individuals, one of whom was wearing a fur coat and the other a crown.

Locals in the area, meanwhile, daren’t mention its name, but there are also suspicions that a darker and entirely more fearsome creature than mere sheep rustlers could have had a hand in all of this…