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22nd Jan 2018

All forms of Guinness worldwide – draught, bottle and can – are now officially vegan

Kate Demolder

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Three cheers for animal-friendly pints!

Vegans everywhere are celebrating the good news that Guinness, in all of its forms, is now officially free of animal products.

For hundreds of years, the famous stout was filtered using isinglass, a protein which comes from dried fish swim bladders. But back in 2015, Guinness announced they planned to change things to use a method which didn’t involve dead fish.

Now, vegans and vegetarians can happily go bars around the world and order a pint of The Black Stuff, with no worry of accidentally ingesting fish insides.

This was the case with pints of draft Guinness back in April 2017, but, at the time, bottles and cans of the stout still contained isinglass.

PETA UK took to Twitter on Monday afternoon to share the good news that now all forms of Guinness – draft, bottle and can – are all officially 100% animal-product free.

Vegans who prefer bottles and cans of Guinness can thank Diageo’s new filtration process, which has removed the use of isinglass in the stout. The new move follows years of campaigning for Guinness to become vegan friendly.

If this has tickled your interest and you’d like to know more, you can check exactly which beers, spirits and liquors are vegan-friendly at, which showcases a full and comprehensive rundown.

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