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26th Nov 2023

“Absolutely overwhelmed” – Fundraiser for Dublin attack victims raises over €230,000

Simon Kelly

Fundraiser for carer and children

Multiple fundraisers have been set up in the wake of the attack

A fundraiser set up to help the brave carer and children of Gaelscoil Colaiste Mhuire who were attacked in Dublin on November 23 has received over €230,000 in just three days.

Similarly to the one set up to buy the hero delivery driver, Caio Benicio, a pint, which has raised more than €350,000 at the time of writing, the fundraiser has received a huge amount of donations from people looking to chip in.

In an update on the fundraiser page, organisers said:

“We have been absolutely overwhelmed by the support and kindness we have received thus far, so thank you all so much for your donations. We have increased the goal so that we can continue to raise as much as possible for those affected by this horrific incident.

“Rest assured we will keep the fundraiser updated and will share exactly where the funds are going. Please continue to support in any way you can, and thank you all again you are helping more than you can ever imagine… Thank you so much.”

Fundraiser for heroes of Dublin attack raises hundreds of thousands of euros

On the fundraiser page for the carer and children of Gaelscoil Colaiste Mhuire, the organisers stated that the funds will go directly to those affected.

They added that “there will be additional needs in the future to provide for those affected by this attack and this fund will assist the school & families resource this without putting any additional burden on the children or families at this time.”

Several other fundraisers have been organised in the wake of the Dublin attacks and subsequent riots, including one for another intervener in the attacks, 17-year-old Alan Loren-Guille, as well as for Bike Stop on Capel Street, which was robbed during the riots.

GoFundMe have said that their Trust & Safety team will continue to update main page with more fundraisers as they are verified.

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