Germany bans gatherings of more than two people 3 years ago

Germany bans gatherings of more than two people

Angela Merkel stressed these are rules not guidelines.

Germany has announced it will ban public meetings of more than two people unless they are about work in a bid to slow down the spread of coronavirus.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced the measure along with several others on Sunday afternoon.

The ban, which does not apply to families, would be take effect on March 23 until the Easter holidays around April 19.

Merkel said the government strongly urged people to stay in their homes and when in public, keep a space of at least 1.5 metres away from other people.

"No-one wished for these restrictions," Merkel said. "I am convinced they will carry us through these difficult times."


Restaurants, which were previously allowed to remain open as long as they seated customers two metres apart, will be allowed to stay open but provide only delivery and takeout services.

Hairdressers, massage studios and tattoo parlors must now close their doors.

Many in Germany were not following the social distancing guidelines laid out last week which prompted these further restrictions.

Merkel warned that the new restrictions are rules, and that police would be making sure they were implemented.