That terrifying viral theme park ride video is fake news 3 years ago

That terrifying viral theme park ride video is fake news

You hate to see it, folks.

It's hard to know who to trust these days, given how quickly a piece of information can go viral, despite not being all that accurate.


Earlier this week, a video circulated purporting to a show a man kicking a sleeping homeless man in London.

It turned out that this footage was actually shot in Brazil two years prior, but that didn't stop the original tweet racking up numbers, even with plenty of replies noting the inaccuracy.

It can be a common modern problem, one boosted by the whirlwind of social media.

Not every fake is as grim, however, as evidenced by the below viral video of a terrifying theme park ride.


Take a look.

It's got it all; a terrific pitch, less than a minute long, and an utterly insane spectacle.


Viral gold, only it's not what it seems.

The 'Gyro Drop' from the Lotte World entertainment complex in Seoul, South Korea, does indeed exist, it just operates a lot less life-threateningly.

Clip via EXO Official


Definitely still a rush, just not quite the sky-based madness as previously seen.

Shouts to whoever doctored the footage, though, it's strong work.

Just about as real as those monthly 'Ronaldo to Man United' rumours, though...