Hairdressers unlikely to open until the middle of summer 2 months ago

Hairdressers unlikely to open until the middle of summer

Bad news for those in desperate need of a cut.

In a totally unsurprising twist of events, it's looking fairly likely that hairdressers, salons, restaurants, and all those good things won't be reopening until at least mid-summer.


That means that while our UK neighbours are living it up in nightclubs, packed pubs, and boujie eateries, we won't even be able to go get a trim. Great.

Ireland's current Covid restrictions are expected to be reviewed next week with a statement from the Taoiseach coming on Tuesday, but it's fairly unlikely that we'll be seeing any significant ease of measures on April 5.

So, is there any time frame as to when the country's economy will start to reopen again? Honestly, not really. But according to the Irish Mirror, we'll probably be waiting until at least mid-summer before businesses like hairdressers, salons, and restaurants can open up again.

When asked about salons and eating out, a source told the publication: “I’m afraid they’re off the table for now, until mid-summer really. They are not in the running at all for next Tuesday’s announcement.”

In related news, Leo Varadkar stated earlier this month that he didn't see such businesses reopening until the end of April or early May. 

The government has, however, suggested that home visits may be permitted under specific circumstances from next month.


Liz Canavan, assistant secretary at the Department of the Taoiseach, said yesterday: “We are talking about some home visits lasting an hour or more with people not wearing masks. It may be cups of tea or a lunch.”

This comes after a further increase in Covid-19 cases in Ireland, as the country nears its fourth month in total lockdown.

683 new cases of the virus were recorded yesterday, Wednesday, and 18 new deaths.

Thankfully, there will be some change in the country's handling of the virus as Ireland's mandatory quarantine hotels are set to open for the first time tomorrow.

Passengers travelling to Ireland from 33 designated "high risk" states will be charged €1,875 for a 12 night stay in one of the hotels, before being permitted to travel elsewhere.


Service provider Tifco Hotel Group, who won the quarantine hotel contract earlier this month, will provide full board, transport, security, and health services as well as accommodation.

Ireland's first quarantine hotel will open at 4am on Friday, March 26. It will be located in the Crowne Plaza Dublin Airport Hotel in Santry.