Insomnia have made all of their takeaway cups 100% compostable 1 year ago

Insomnia have made all of their takeaway cups 100% compostable

They're also getting rid of all of their plastic straws.

Insomnia Coffee have launched a new campaign that will see them ensure that all of their takeaway cups will be 100% compostable.

From 18 June onwards, over 150 Insomnia stores in Ireland will be launching 'Mission Compostable', a project that will attempt to divert 15 million takeaway cups and 20 million single use items such as plastic straws, plastic cups and plastic cutlery from landfill.

They're the first Irish coffee chain to implement the installation of segregated compostable bins in stores.

The news comes less than a week after McDonalds announced that they would no longer be using plastic straws, and that they would all be converted to paper, and a number of other organisations are set to follow suit.

Speaking on the announcement, CEO Harry O'Kelly said: "We have been planning our Mission Compostable programme for over a year and made a significant investment in its rollout."

"We reward customers for using reusable cups, with extra points which equates to a discount of 20 cents, we give away our coffee grounds for customers to reuse, and we ensure our stores continue to improve its energy efficiency with a number of energy reducing elements."