If you're planning on going on a J1 this year, you'll need to be quick about it 1 year ago

If you're planning on going on a J1 this year, you'll need to be quick about it

A rite of passage for many an Irish student returns...

Now that the pandemic is over forever (er, it probably isn't, so stay on your guard), you're probably looking at exciting travel options and whatnot.


A major rite of passage for many an Irish adventurer; the humble J1 trip to the States.

Whether immortalised in music ala The Coronas' signature 'San Diego Song' – that's what that song is about, right? – or a litany of now-forgotten Facebook photo albums, the J1 is serious business.

With that in mind, USIT has launched its work and travel programme early in a bid to meet demand.

Officially unveiled on Monday (7 February), the 'Take Back Your Summer' campaign sees the application process for the coveted J1 visa open almost two months earlier than usual.


USIT highlights the "pent-up demand from the past two lost summers" that saw roughly 15,000 Irish students unable to travel to North America due to the ongoing Covid-related restrictions.

In response, USIT will work closely with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Ireland's US Embassy to ensure a smooth process for those looking to avail of a J1 this year.

"The J1 programme has long been a milestone in many young people’s lives, where they not only experience personal growth but also contribute positively to the vital cultural connection between our two nations," said USIT CMO Lisa Collender.

"We know from speaking with American employers that they are eager to see the return of Irish students and so we recommend that anyone wishing to participate in the J1 this year, books early to secure jobs in top destinations including San Diego, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and Ocean City."


More information, including a specific talk that will cover possible destinations, job acquisitions and more, can be found via usit.ie.