James Geoghegan said planners of concrete social spaces "should be shot" 1 month ago

James Geoghegan said planners of concrete social spaces "should be shot"

The Fine Gael by-election candidate was discussing anti-social behaviour at Portobello social spaces with residents.

Dublin Bay South by-election candidate James Geoghegan told a local meeting with Portobello residents that whoever introduced concreted public spaces in Dublin "should be shot".


The Fine Gael politician was speaking on a video conference last week about recent anti-social behaviour in the area when the comments were made.

According to the Irish Examiner, during the meeting, Geoghegan had said: "Concrete is all Fianna Fáil's fault, but if I made that claim, I'll be accused of serious partisanship, but suffice to say anyone who introduced those concrete spaces, and I've one in Ranelagh as well, I do think they should be shot."

Geoghegan reportedly did not know the meeting was being recorded.

Geoghegan added that while the phrasing was "poor" he did not mean it "literally".

"I had a really successful meeting with residents in Portobello, with a wide range of issues discussed including the issue of open spaces," he told the Irish Examiner on Sunday.

"While I used a poor turn of phrase that was not meant literally, I do strongly believe in the need for a greening strategy for our public spaces, particularly in Portobello and in Ranelagh. I intend to deliver on that should I be elected to Dáil Éireann."

JOE.ie has reached out to Geoghegan for comment.

It comes after the square was closed off at weekends because residents complained gatherings of people were getting out of hand in the area.

The square was shut down after residents complained about drinkers urinating in public in the area and a number of portaloos have since been installed at the location.