WATCH: James O'Brien enters 'total despair' mode after caller's latest dumb idea to solve Irish border 2 months ago

WATCH: James O'Brien enters 'total despair' mode after caller's latest dumb idea to solve Irish border

Another day, another shambles.

Radio host James O'Brien is no stranger to a bizarre phone call.

He's also quite familiar with Brexit.

Last year, he responded in quite furious tones to a caller who suggested that Irish citizens should be microchipped in order to solve the rather contentious border issue.

Some months later, he dealt with someone who broke down in tears over their regret at voting for Britain to leave the European Union.

With Brexit still very much hurtling along like an out of control train, O'Brien is once again fending off some highly questionable thoughts on the whole thing.

On Friday's show on LBC, the broadcaster wound up burying his head in his hands after hearing a novel solution to the latest batch of problems.

Following an odd preamble that featured an extended toaster analogy, Waterloo native Alan made the claim that Britain wouldn't be in this mess if a proper Brexiter was steering the ship.

Inevitably, conversation moved to the Irish border as Alan offered his own unique fix for the problem.

"You've already admitted to me that you haven't got a clue on how to deal with the problem in Ireland, which is the biggest one," O'Brien contended.

In response, Alan lamented that all parties couldn't reach a deal to satisfy everyone's interests.

As the host reasonably argued that there simply isn't the proper infrastructure or protocols in place for a post-Brexit border, Alan suggested an incredible way of moving forward.

"Right. Well, not being a customs expert but having three friends who I play golf with - I have three mates who I play golf with at the local course.

"Between them, [they have] in excess of 100 years of experience in customs and excise.

"Their solution was they could do it electronically."

And with that, the conversation was over.

You can check the whole thing out below.