Jeffrey Epstein accuser urges Prince Andrew to "come clean" 4 years ago

Jeffrey Epstein accuser urges Prince Andrew to "come clean"

Prince Andrew was friends with disgraced billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who died in August.

A woman who accused disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein of sexual abuse and alleged she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew as a 17-year-old, has urged the member of the royal family to "come clean".


Speaking after a hearing for a number of alleged victims in the aftermath of Epstein's death, Virginia Giuffre told reporters that Prince Andrew "knows what he's done".

According to BBC, she said: "He knows what he's done and he can attest to that. He knows exactly what he's done and I hope he comes clean about it."

Prince Andrew has denied all allegations that he had taken part in or seen any evidence of crimes being committed by Epstein.

In a recent statement, he said that he had stayed at a number of Epstein's residences, but that "at no stage during the limited time I spent with him did I see, witness or suspect any behaviour of the sort that subsequently led to his arrest and conviction."


Epstein died by suicide in his Manhattan jail cell while awaiting trial for numerous sex crimes. He had pled guilty to further sex crimes in 2008, but served just 13 months in prison.

Prince Andrew has said it was "a mistake and an error" to see Epstein after his release from prison, and that he never saw or suspected criminal behaviour.