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“Oh no, did I just defend Hitler? Hitler?”

Not for the first time in his brief tenure as White House press secretary, Sean Spicer attracted attention for all the wrong reasons on Tuesday.

In a press briefing discussing the recent chemical attacks in Syria, Spicer – completely unprompted – brought up Adolf Hitler, claiming that the infamous Nazi dictator didn’t use chemical weapons, a claim, of course, which is completely false.

Spicer attempted to clarify his comments immediately after making them and in a subsequent statement and television appearance, but the damage had been done at that stage and he was the subject of a huge amount of criticism on Tuesday evening.

If he was expecting sympathy from Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday night, he was sorely mistaken as Kimmel ripped into the press secretary, imagining what his inner monologue must have been like while he was stumbling through comments that were disturbingly wide of the mark for someone in his position.

Clip via Jimmy Kimmel Live


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