JOE meets Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the star and director of brand new comedy Don Jon 9 years ago

JOE meets Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the star and director of brand new comedy Don Jon

Ahead of tonight’s Irish Premiere of Don Jon, our man Eoghan Doherty got the chance to meet up with the brilliant brain behind the film, Mr Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The new film tells the tale of Jon Martello (Gordon-Levitt), a confident New York lothario nicknamed Don Jon due to his amazing ability to “pull 10s” each and every weekend.


When he starts a relationship with movie-obsessed Barbara (Scarlett Johansson) and meets older lover Esther along the way (Julianne Moore), he realises that his late-night addiction to porn might just get in the way of his relationships.

Casting yourself as the lead love interest opposite Scarlett Johannson AND Julianne Moore though? Tip of the hat to you Mr Gordon-Levitt.


Having written, directed and starred in the new sex comedy, JOE wanted to quiz the talented thespian to find out just where the idea of a man addicted to online porn came from (they do say write about what you know after all...) and was he ever tempted to ask for repeated takes of sexy scenes involving a certain Ms. Johansson, something JOE would have been particularly guilty of had we been in his shoes.


Opportunistic as ever, JOE, realising that this interview was probably the closest that we will actually ever come to conversing with Scarlett (that’s right, first name terms), we took the chance to pass on a certain anonymous team member’s phone number – for privacy’s sake let’s call that team member ‘Adrian C.’

No, no, that’s too obvious. How about ‘A. Collins.’

Yes, that’s much better.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the interview here:


Don Jon is released in Irish cinemas on Friday 15 November