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16th Jun 2015

Gold has been discovered in an Irish county and we want some of it

Is it time to get fitted for Gold teeth?


Patience is a virtue.

If you have a friend that always told you that there’s good land in Monaghan then they’ve just been proven right.

After years of soil sampling, trenching and core drilling the company Conroy Gold have finally struck a gold-in-soil substance in a relatively high quantity estimated to the value of €150 million.

The experts claim the valuable mineral is scattered around the area in a region of 300m by 700m with likelihood of further gold in the surrounding area of Monaghan and into Cavan and Armagh.

Scrooge McDuck

The company is now looking at setting up its first Gold mine in Clay Lake, Clontibret and potentially Glenish and to the south of Slieve Glah.

Unfortunately, before you head out into the river with a net hoping to catch your own bit of the lucky stuff, a spokesperson has said due to the way the gold is lodged you could spend the rest of your life in a river and never find a piece.

So maybe leave it to the experts.

Still, if you know anyone from the Farney County then it’s probably no harm in asking them for a fiver.

Hat-Tip to UTV Ireland

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