Majority of English people 'pleased' or 'not bothered' by prospect of united Ireland 2 years ago

Majority of English people 'pleased' or 'not bothered' by prospect of united Ireland

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The majority of people in England are either 'pleased' or 'not bothered' about the prospect of Irish unification, according to a new poll.


57 per cent of those polled say the concept of a united Ireland would leave them feeling 'pleased' or 'not bothered'.

Specifically, 20 per cent of English people say they would be 'pleased' to see a united Ireland, while 37 per cent say they are 'not bothered' by the prospect. Just 31 per cent of people in England would feel 'upset' if Ireland was to unify.


The poll was commissioned by The Times and conducted by YouGov in England and Wales, LucidTalk in Northern Ireland and Panelbase in Scotland.

Data also showed a majority of people in Northern Ireland and Scotland support referendums on issues of Irish unification and Scottish independence.

51 per cent of people in Northern Ireland support the idea of holding a referendum on a united Ireland in the next five years. 50 per cent of Scottish voters also want to see a referendum on independence in the same time period.

The situation in Wales is slightly different, however.


Just 23 per cent of Welsh people support independence, with 52 per cent saying they are opposed to the idea of leaving the UK altogether.

On the issue of Scottish independence, the majority of voters across the UK believe Scotland will go it alone within the next decade.

60 per cent of Northern Irish people think Scottish independence is going to occur within the next 10 years, while 49% of people in England, Scotland and Wales agree.

These results will place the future of the United Kingdom under greater scrutiny, but politicians in Northern Ireland understandably disagree.


DUP leader Arlene Foster told Sky News "we all know how divisive a border poll would be", while her Sinn Fein's Michelle O'Neill said "There is an unstoppable conversation underway on our constitutional future".