Man charged with murder from popular The Teacher's Pet podcast 2 years ago

Man charged with murder from popular The Teacher's Pet podcast

Australian man Chris Dawson has been charged with the murder of his wife, Lynette Dawson.

Lynette Dawson disappeared from her home in Sydney without a trace in 1982, and her fate was the subject of a recent popular podcast, titled The Teacher's Pet. Dawson had previously been investigated for the crime, but had always strenuously denied any accusations.


The podcast, which was produced by The Australian, had led to more intense scrutiny over the disappearance of Lynette, with plenty of focus on Chris.

The podcast alleged that Chris Dawson had several schoolgirl lovers while working as a teacher, one of whom moved into his home shortly after the disappearance of his wife.

Dawson, who is now 70-years-old, arrived in Sydney yesterday having been extradited from Queensland, and appeared in court to face the charge of murder.

Superintendent Scott Cook appeared to give credit to the work done by the podcast, saying that new evidence including witness statements, had helped investigators "tie pieces of of the puzzle together". Police also said, however, that the arrest came at the end of a three-year reinvestigation into the case.