Man sues doctor over eight month erection 9 years ago

Man sues doctor over eight month erection

A Delaware truck driver has sued his doctor after a botched surgery gave him an erection that lasted for eight months.

Daniel Metzger, the unfortunate man in question, is suing his urologist, Dr. Thomas J. Desperito, as a result of getting a penile implant in 2009. It sounded like quite a procedure, as it involved a three-piece inflatable implant, a fluid reservoir implanted under the abdominal wall, and a pump put in the scrotum, according to Gawker.


It didn't quite go to plan though, as it seems that the procedure left him with a constant erection for eight months that simply wouldn't go away, and forced him to spend a lot more time indoors.

Apparently, that wasn't the only nasty side-effect of the procedure, as it seems that his testicles also swelled to the size of a volleyball. Metzger decided to have the whole thing removed after it punctured his scrotum in 2010, which also seems like a hugely unpleasant experience.

Desperito is denying responsibility, claiming that undesired results are not always the fault of one particular doctor or procedure, but it sounds like his defence lawyer is facing stiff opposition from Metzger's team.

It's no laughing matter we suppose, imagine walking around with a constant boner for the best part of a year. Heading out on the pull would be seriously difficult work.