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30th Oct 2023

Why Matthew Perry’s last seven Instagram posts were about Batman

Joseph Loftus


‘I don’t solve crime, but I have saved lives’

Starting on October 17, Perry posted a series of Instagram posts, seven in total, all of which referred to Batman in one way or another.

The first of which showed a home cinema, presumably in Perry’s home, with three screens set up to show the latest film in the franchise: The Batman.

He captioned the first post: “No need to worry everybody, I’ve got the streets tonight.”

Others showed the iconic bat symbol in different settings, such as being carved into a Halloween pumpkin, with Perry repeatedly calling himself the Mattman.

His final post, shared just days before his death, was captioned: “Oh, so warm water swirling around makes you feel good? I’m Mattman.”

The Independent have since reported that Perry was infatuated with DC’s comic book character, Batman, for much of his life. Batman played a huge role in Perry’s life, and some have even argued that Perry saw much of himself in the dark hero.

Even in Perry’s autobiography, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, closes with a chapter called “Batman.”

In the book, Perry admits that he jokingly referred to his assistant as “Alfred” who referred back to Perry as “Mr Wayne”. Perry added that he used to imagine his own father as Superman and himself as the Dark Knight.

Speaking to GQ last year, Perry confessed that he once bought a 10,000 square foot penthouse simply because it looked similar to the home of Christian Bale’s Batman in The Dark Knight.

His reasoning at the time was: “Bruce Wayne had a penthouse – I’m going to have one.”


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A post shared by Matthew Perry (@mattyperry4)

Matthew Perry on his love of Batman

Perry also admitted that he was building a room dedicated to Batman in his new house which he referred to as his ‘Matt Cave’.

The room was set to have a pool table, a large TV, a black sofa, and shelves of Batman paraphernalia.

Asked why he was so obsessed with Batman, Perry replied: “I am Batman.” He added: “He’s a rich loner. We both drive black, cool cars. I don’t solve crime but I have saved people’s lives.”


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A post shared by Matthew Perry (@mattyperry4)

In one of GQ’s ’10 Things I Can’t Live Without’ segments, Perry also spoke about his love for Batman, saying that he has “too much Batman stuff” and that viewers should “probably know by now that I’m Batman”.

While many speculated before his death if Perry had been cast in an upcoming Batman film, now it appears the legendary actor, was simply sharing his adoration for his favourite franchise, and thinking of it a lot, before his untimely and tragic death.

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