Matthew Perry tackling the Friends ‘apartment quiz’ on Graham Norton Show was just great TV 1 month ago

Matthew Perry tackling the Friends ‘apartment quiz’ on Graham Norton Show was just great TV

"I actually know this, too. It was Viva Las Gay-gas!"

Matthew Perry made a memorable appearance on The Graham Norton Show, back in 2016, where it was confirmed that he never worked as a transponster.


We're reasonably certain the words 'statistical analysis and date reconfiguration' have ever been uttered on a talk show before, while Perry also got to grips with some other trivia questions based on his time on the most successful sitcom of our times.

Before all that, it's interesting to find out the early episode which showed the actor just how big a phenomenon Friends would become. He recalled that the episode in which he was trapped in an ATM vestibule, and the reaction it got, clued him into the fact that 'we were really on to something special'.

When Graham Norton got around the the quiz - based on the competition held between the boys (Joey and Chandler) and the girls (Monica and Rachel) - the actor showed his impressive memory.

Perry gets the first three questions correct, including the TV Guide addressed to 'Miss Chanandler Bong' and was pretty confident when the fourth is asked. Norton opted to throw it to the audience and 'lady in the back row' gets very, very close to a question that long puzzled the Friends characters.


Matthew Perry tragically passed away on Saturday, October 28 at the age of just 54. Tributes quickly flowed in for one of the best comedic actors of his generation.

*Updated from piece first posted in 2016

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