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05th May 2016

The Dáil will vote for a new Taoiseach on Friday

Colm Boohig

Are we finally making headway?

The Dáil will vote on electing a new Taoiseach when they meet at 12pm on Friday.

According to RTÉthe move has been proposed by Paul Kehoe, the Chief Whip, with Fine Gael and Independents running over a draft document totalling 160 pages on government plans looking ahead to the future.

In terms of the Taoiseach vote, Enda Kenny requires the support of five Independents, as well as Fianna Fáil choosing not to vote, in order to continue to lead the country.

Meanwhile, Independent TDs are reportedly far from happy that the draft has been leaked to the media before being finalised, while also wanting more time to consider their voting decision on a new Taoiseach.

A number of the government proposals have been leaked, including an increase in Garda numbers and job opportunities in rural Ireland, along with a gradual rise in the minimum wage.

It will be interesting to see what happens from here.

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