Met Éireann has good news for anyone that hates the rain 7 months ago

Met Éireann has good news for anyone that hates the rain

Has anybody else seen that wet stuff falling from the sky?

Pretty weird, right? Getting us a bit wet? Messing up our hair? What's the deal? Never seen anything like it before. It's called "rain," apparently. Who knew?

In any case, there's good news for anybody who isn't enjoying this brief respite from the baking heat of the sun. Met Éireann's rainfall forecast strongly suggests that we'll be seeing precisely no rain whatsoever until the end of the coming weekend and beyond.

Well, that's not exactly true. Apparently some parts of the country can expect slightly less than a millimetre of rainfall per hour at around 7pm on Sunday, but otherwise, estimates but the rainfall until Tuesday July 17 at 0.0mm per hour.

Anyone interested in finding out more can check out the digital depiction of Ireland's rain prospects over the next six days on the Met Éireann website.

Clear skies baby! We hope all the rain fiends out there got their fill from the few drops that fell today, presumably by accident.