Met Éireann predicting snow this weekend and well into next week 1 month ago

Met Éireann predicting snow this weekend and well into next week


Yep, we're getting further into February, but you'll remember it was around this time last year (and the year before that too, if memory serves) that we actually got most of our snow in the country.

And so it goes this year too, with Met Éireann predicting snow both this weekend, as well as well into next week, too.

Saturday will just be bringing cold temperatures - dropping to about one degree in places - and lots of rain, but it is Sunday that will bring the actual snow, with the forecast, uhm, forecasting that "rain will extend nationwide early on Sunday night accompanied by strong southeast winds. Some snowfall is possible for a time in Ulster and north Connacht."

Monday will be slightly warmer, so that snow will convert back to just being rain again, but Tuesday and Wednesday will see things take a turn for the colder once again:

"Widespread wintry showers, with falls of sleet and snow are possible, chiefly across the west and north of the country. Maximum afternoon temperatures of 4 to 7 degrees but feeling colder due to the added wind-chill factor. There is a risk of frost and ice forming at night with lows of around -1 degrees."

So... yep. Keep wrapped up warm and dry, folks!