Naked man gets stuck in a gate, claims he was hunting ghosts 3 years ago

Naked man gets stuck in a gate, claims he was hunting ghosts

That old chestnut.

For people of a certain age, being a Ghostbuster was one of the coolest fictional jobs ever. Aside from the supremely slick car, Ecto-1, there's also the proton pack, the trap, and of course, the famous jumpsuit.


Now, we're not sure if this man in Russia aspired to be a nude ghostbuster or if he was just having too much fun watching the World Cup, but he ended up naked...stuck in a gate...while chasing ghosts.

Again, naked, stuck in a gate...chasing ghosts. Awesome.

The odd incident took place in Rostov-on-Don and after a member of the public noticed this man with his, erm, 'Marshmallow Man' on display for the whole world to see, he instantly claimed to be a paranormal investigator.

Given that we're living in the smartphone era, a passerby managed to record the whole thing.

After asking the man that was filming him for some help, this naked paranormal investigator says: ‘How can I open it? I don’t have a key.'

The passer-by adds: ‘Watch out for your balls not to tear off.’

On that note, if there's something strange in your neighbourhood. Who you gonna call? Well, whoever you call, just make sure they're not wearing their birthday suit.


Clip via - world. news